Yoga, Mindfulness & Therapy
for Health, Healing & Self-Empowerement

Vanille Simeon
Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher & Sophrology Therapist, specialised in self-empowerement and emotional healing

Hi! My name is Vanille Simeon. I am a certified Yoga & Mindfulness teacher and a sophrology therapist (a body&mind integration therapy) with more than 15 years teaching worldwide. 

After teaching thousands of women and men around the globe, and from my own experience of recovering from an early age depression and breast cancer, I came to realise how unequipped (and even ill-equipped) our society is when it comes to handling high pressure, how to cope with difficult life transitions and maintain afloat when our deepest self is being challenged. 

Over the last 15 years, I have been sharing with thousands of people life affirming tools and techniques to best cope with stress, anxiety, depression and general overwhelm, as well as healing traumatic imprints, restoring the nervous system to balance, and healing deep wounds of mistrust and low self-confidence.

To magnify that impact, I now train others to become certified Yoga teachers and leaders who want to embody the change they want to see around them. One team, one class, one breath at a time, we are collectively opening space to BE.

What my clients and students say about my work...

'After the sessions, I feel peace, more relaxed and I trust myself more...'