Yoga, Mindfulness & Sophrology Therapy
for Anxiety, Self-Love & Trauma Healing 

Stress, Anxiety & Self-Worth Coaching
1on1 COACHING & THERAPY in Aalborg, Vestbyen

We all thrive to feel connected, confident and good in our bodies. Yet, most of us were never taught any stress management techniques, let alone how to embrace, regulate and confidently ride our emotions. How could you expect to gracefully and skillfully face the ups and downs of life without a well-equipped tool box? 

Expecting to go through life without such a toolbox is like sailing without a compass. It is bound to be so much harder and challenging. And the worst part of this? As we struggle, we think we are somehow failing, that we 'should' act, think, feel and be different. This poor appreciation of who we really are creates a nasty underlying anxiety that impacts all aspects of our life, leaving us disconnected, hurting and held hostage by our own self-critic. 

Imagine your world if instead of self-doubts you would feel grounded, confident and self-loving? and instead of anxious you would feel worthy, beautiful and inspired... 

My unique method blends in trauma-informed Yoga therapy, breathwork, mindfulness and sophrology therapy. You will be given wonderful relaxation sessions, but you will also learn how to easily integrate in your daily life powerful transformative skills to create the profound and lasting effect you long for. 

'Only unshakeable fondations of self-care and self-love can provide the ground to heal our deepest wounds, and step into our true power and authentic voice.' Vanille 

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50hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training
Center for Yoga & Mindfulness, Skørping, Denmark
Next round: 12-27th April 2024 

Designed for Yin lovers waiting to get a professional certification as a Yin Yoga teacher, as well as already certified Yoga teachers wanting to add another style of Yoga to their teaching repertoire, this training pays tribute to our Yin energy and how it can positively transform and soothe our lives.

This fundational program has a double objective:
- to give you 100% clarity on how to practice and teach Yin asanas and appropriate breathing techniques to go along your Yin classes
- to build your confidence and toolbox so you feel ready to teach smart, beautiful and meaningful Yin yoga classes

It will provide a solid foundation to support your future students through the ups and downs of life, and offers a safe and mindful space to regulate nervous system and (re)build inner strength and emotional resilience.

More information and registrations here. 

Yoga & Mindfulness for Trauma - Professional Training for Psychologists
Aalborg Hospital

Specifically designed for psychologists or psychotherapists willing to acquire a new skillset to support their patients, this 20hrs training (presential or online) provide you with a wide range of trauma-informed new techniques you can start incorporating in your weekly sessions. 

From pranayama (breathing exercices) to relieve anxiety and regulate your nervous system, to simple movements and postures to support the patient's reconnection to the body, and powerful visualisation and mindfulness techniques to expand ones perspective, this is a whole new fun and super effective toolbox to support and complement your psychology or psychotherapy practice. 

Read below comments of other psychologists and see what they thought of this training, and contact me for more information. 

Leadership, Stress Management & Burn-Out Prevention at Work
For businesses & corporate

Stress at work is a widespread issue globally, and Denmark is no exception. According to the European Working Conditions Survey conducted by Eurofound in 2020, around 13% of Danish workers reported experiencing work-related stress "always" or "most of the time."

Chronic stress has devastating effects on employees' physical and mental health, and not only... A report by the Danish National Research Centre for the Working Environment estimated that stress-related sick leave and reduced productivity cost Danish companies around 3.8 billion Danish kroner annually. 

If you seek to improve morale, attract talent and increase innovation and resilience (as well as productivity), contact us to learn more about our program on leadership, stress management and burn-out prevention at work.

Cancer Trauma Healing  

Many cancer survivors finish their treatents burned out and lost about how to move on with their lives from there on. Anxiety, depression & cancer related post traumatic stress are real. Yet, very few of them have been taught how to heal emotionally, which leads them to further carve their confidence and start anti-anxiety medication instead. The Outgrowing Survivorship online program is specifically designed to guide them through the step-by-step process, to develop effective strategies to deal with the fear of recurrence, lessen anxiety and ultimately restore the nervous system to balance so they can finally process and heal the trauma left behind by cancer, to move on to the life they fought so hard to save. Learn more

NEW! Yoga for Cancer Patients in AA 
Weekly classes Mondays 9-10am  
AOF, Aalborg city center 

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Vanille Simeon
Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher & Sophrology Therapist, specialised in anxiety, self-love and trauma healing

Hi! My name is Vanille Simeon. I am a certified Yoga & Mindfulness teacher and a sophrology therapist (also known as body&mind integration therapy) with more than 15 years teaching worldwide. 

After teaching thousands of women around the globe, and from my own experience of recovering from an early age depression and breast cancer, I came to realise how unequipped (and even ill-equipped) our society is when it comes to handling high pressure, how to cope with difficult life transitions and maintain afloat when our deepest self is being challenged. 

Since then, I have been sharing with hundreds of people life saving tools and techniques to best cope with stress, anxiety, fear and overwhelming emotions, as well as healing traumatic imprints, restoring the nervous system to balance, and healing deep wounds of mistrust and low self-confidence.

From cancer survivors to psychotherapists seeking to integrate Yoga and mindfulness into their practice to enhance their patient's recovery, women are awakening from the darkness, reclaiming their authentic power and shining their lights to the world.

If you, just like me, and them, no longer want to be defined by your past and the conditioning of our society, join us in a collective healing and rising of the empowered feminine. 

1on1 Private sessions are held in our lovely home clinic located in:
Schleppegrellsgade 75 - 9000 Aalborg - Denmark

What my clients and students say about my work...

'After the sessions, I feel peace, more relaxed and I trust myself more...'