50hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training

50hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training
12-27 April 2024, Skørping, Denmark
(Two last spots)

Designed for Yin lovers waiting to get a professional certification as a Yin Yoga teacher, as well as already certified Yoga teachers wanting to add another style of Yoga to their teaching repertoire, this training pays tribute to our Yin energy and how it can positively transform and soothe our lives.

This fundational program has a double objective:
- to give you 100% clarity on how to practice and teach Yin brearth and asanas 
- to build your confidence and an amazing toolbox so you feel ready to teach

It will provide a solid foundation to support your future students through the ups and downs of life, and offers a safe and mindful space to regulate nervous system and (re)build inner strength and emotional resilience.

What my clients and students say about my work...

'After the sessions, I feel peace, more relaxed and I trust myself more...'