200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
August - November 2024   

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher
Step into Your Power & Share Your Passion

The teacher training at a glance... 

✨ A rich and holistic perspective of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science to nourish both heart and mind 
Plenty of practice to get you inspired, nourished and heartfull 
✨ A safe, cozy, and intimate group limited to 12 participants 
✨ Unique inputs from trauma-informed and embodiement therapy that will make your future classes truly stand out 
1on1 sessions with Vanille, so we make sure you get exactly what you need to get to your next level with ease and confidence 
✨ All my best tips, bullet proof step-by-steps, fun and juicy flows 
✨ Full understanding of advanced asanas mechanics, deep awareness of energetics, and inspirations for years to come! 

This training is first and foremost for YOU, to deepen and empower your own practice, connecting deeply with yourself and the profound reasons that keep you coming back on the mat. You will get plenty of guided practices to get inspired from and to take care of yourself. All profound and lasting evolutions start from the self, so let’s this training be first a transformative experience that fills your heart with love and empowers your own personal growth.   

The second goal of his training is to guide and support you in developing your unique voice as a Yoga Vinyasa teacher, so you feel ready to share your wisdom, your vision and your unique sparkle as a teacher.   All modules include both analytical training and guided practices. It is designed to offer a step-by-step approach that will deepen your understanding of yoga and offers a solid foundation for you to step into a new role, this new field of opportunity.   

The particularity of this training is the combination of collective classes, as well as private 1on1 sessions with Vanille, so you can get help or support exactly where you need it.   I believe in a practice that educates, inspires and heals. And I am committed to help you bring to life your individual potential and unique voice.  

To best support you, and to create a safe and intimate environment for learning, experimenting and growing, places will be limited to 12 students.    

What does your 200hrs teacher training include?   

The program includes 7 modules over 4 months from August to November. 
Fridays afternoons are reserved to the 200hrs students and dedicated to Asanas Labs & Clinics 
Two private 1hr session with Vanille (onsite or online depending on topic and availability) 
Your training manual 
Mini study groups 
Online / homework assignments to support you between the sessions (plan about 2-3 hrs weekly) 

Each module (Saturday & Sunday, module 1 to 6) can be bought separately if you want to deepen your knowledge on a specific topic (availability permitting). The module can later on count towards to your full certification as a 200hrs Vinyasa teacher.   

Vanille Simeon  I am originally from France, but I have been living and teaching in many different countries over the world for the last 11 years. Passionate Yoga practitioner for more than 20 years, (and like many others) I was first drawn to Yoga because it made me feel fit and strong in my body. Power Yoga was actually the first Yoga teacher training I took. A decade and another 4 teacher trainings later, I still find a lot of fun in an active, strong and dynamic practice, but my heart no longer beats for fitness power. Life has taught me that fitness did not equal health, that balance and happiness stem from the inside out, and that Yoga had much more to offer. 

Since my first teacher training, I then certified as a Vinyasa, Yin, Nidra and Acroyoga instructor, accumulating more than 600hrs of teacher trainings. I also sought further education in pre and post-natal, mindfulness and trauma-informed Yoga, and I undertook a whole new education as a sophrology therapist (a body&mind integration type of therapy, very well-known in France, and hugely inspired from Yoga).  

I am a passionate advocate that Yoga is a vast and generous umbrella that isn’t about being ‘this’ or ‘that’, ‘more of’ or ‘less of’, but rather, an invitation to lean into generosity, spaciousness, self-care and self-kindness. I do not train my students to be ‘good’, ‘true’ yogis and yogis. I help my students to tap into Yoga so that can step into the most authentic, alive and empowered version of themselves.

For more information about me and my other offerings: www.vanillesimeon.me   

The training will be in English. Your practice teaching can be done in English/Danish. 
I consciously choose (like a growing number of teachers and studios in Europe) not to register to Yoga Alliance.   


'Yoga is the space where flower blossoms' - Amit Ray

Module 1: Anatomy and physiology 

Mastering asanas & Yoga alignments 
Understanding the different body systems 
Variations for pre-natal, injuries & specific needs 
The art of hands-on adjustments 
Debunking Yoga myths & common mistakes

Module 2: The Energetics of Yoga 

Embracing Prana & Mastering Pranayama techniques 
Demystifying Chakras, Bandhas & Dristis 
Understanding the concepts of Vayus 
Backing up wisdom knowledge with modern science 
Updating your knowledge in neuroscience and nervous system 
Special focus on women & sacred feminine

Module 3: Teaching Methodology    

The art and particularity of Vinyasa sequencing  
Stepping into your unique voice and style  
How to lead themed workshops and retreats  
Understanding group dynamics, learning styles  
Being ready to handle projections and set healthy boundaries  
How to foster community & create a Yoga business

Module 4:   Leveling up your practice  

Advanced asanas  
Masterclasses on arm balancing, headstands & handstands  
Funky transitions & advanced Vinyasa flows 

Module 5: Philosophy & Spirituality    

Ethics & lifestyles  
Embracing the Eightfold Path of Yoga  
Understanding Karma & Dharma  
History of Yoga & influential teachers  
Foundational texts & writings  
Story telling & Hindu mythology  

Module 6: The Mind, the Brain & the Healing Power of Yoga    

The science of mindfulness  
How to incorporate Mindfulness in your Vinyasa flows  
Understanding the Koshas  
Building a repertoire that keeps you inspired  
Unveiling Mantras and the power of sounds and singing  
Trauma-informed Yoga to support profound healing

Module 7: Integration & Exams  
For 200hrs students ONLY      


The 200hrs teacher training includes 7 week-end modules; Saturdays & Sundays, as well as 3 additional Fridays evenings.  

🔸 Friday - Sunday 23-25 August 
🔸 Saturday - Sunday 7-8 September 
🔸 Friday - Sunday 20-22 September 
🔸 Saturday - Sunday 5-6 October 
🔸 Friday - Sunday 25-27 October 
🔸 Saturday - Sunday 9-10 November 
🔸 Friday - Sunday 22-24 November (200hrs students ONLY)  

Saturdays & Sundays : 9.00 - 18.00  
Fridays (23/08, 20/09, 25/10): 14.00 - 20.00  
Fridays trainings are for 200hrs students ONLY.  

* We understand that sometimes there are inevitable conflicts, so if you have trouble attending one day or ONE of the weekends, that will probably be workable. Please be sure this is cleared with us in advance*   

Note: Each module (Saturday & Sunday, module 1 to 6) can be bought separately if you want to deepen your knowledge on a specific topic (availability permitting). The module can later on count towards to your full certification as a 200hrs Vinyasa teacher.    

- LOCATION -    

Nørregade 22a, Aalborg, Denmark 
Enter the lovely courtyard and enter the door on the left that says ‘Snowdrop Yoga’. The yoga studio is on the last floor.     

 "From the very begininng, Vanille created a welcoming environment that radiated positivity. Vanille is sunshine in human form! Her warm and genuine spirit set the tone for the entire training, making each participant feel embraced and encouraged." 

Chiara, Certified Yin Yoga Teacher 2023

Early bird ++

One time payment
Before 2nd May 2024
KUN kr 26,950


5 installements over 5 months - Before 2nd May

5 payments of kr 5,590  /month ( Total kr 27,950)


One time payment
After 2nd May
kr 28,950


5 payments over 5 months - After 2nd May

5 payments of kr 5,990 /month ( Total: kr 29,950)

 "Vanille is very knowledgable and I have learned so much, loving her gentle and humble approach in Yoga - knowing it to be a very powerful way of moving and touching our souls, opening windows to feel more free and capable as beings." 

Sascha, Certified Yin Yoga Teacher 2023

Price for each independant module : kr 3,400 (Saturday & Sunday - Contact us directly to check availability)  

Cancellation policy:  
70% refund until 2 months prior to the event  
50% refund until 1 month prior to the event  
No refund past 1 month leading to the event     

Minimum 4 participants   

 "I am deeply thankful for receiving your really authentic and heartfelt way of teaching the yogic wisdom combined with your own lived experiences and depth of life .That was so amazing! 

Maria, Certified Yoga-Sensitive Yoga 2024

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